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Seated Acupressure

Seated Acupressure in the Workplace

Stress related illness
currently accounts for over 75% of absences from work.  Recent legislation now obligates employers to identify risks to health and to safeguard staff. Research shows that stress management, concentrating solely on the individual, is ineffective. Safeguards and controls at the organisational level must be implemented.

At Soothing Touch, we can assist companies achieve long term benefits by reducing stress, employee turnover, sickness absence and work-related upper limb disorders thereby improving productivity by reducing workplace stress.

We have massage therapists that can visit the workplace to give employees a regular On Site Massage – this is usually a 15-30 minute session, fully clothed massage on an ergonomically designed massage chair, working on tension built up around the neck, shoulders and back.

On Site Massage can also be administered at team events, exhibitions, roadshows

Why not treat your employees (or your clients) and see the benefits that it could bring to your company?

Treatments can be administered over half a day or a full day

We are also able to offer 10 minute sessions for specific teams within an organisation, whilst staff sit at their desks, as a way of introducing our company and offering regular treatments in the future.

These types of treatments are particularly useful in helping staff to focus on upcoming deadlines, such as month end, quarterly deadlines or in the final stages of completing projects.

We are able to come along for as little as a 3 hour session for up to 15 staff.  


To find out about other therapies that we can also offer at your workplace,
please click here or contact us on 07979 854 450 to find out how we can meet your needs with a range of price options depending on your requirements